Top 10 Best Foldable Bikes for 2017

foldable bikes

As with other types of bikes, the process of searching for and buying the right folding bike should involve more than just the appearance and price tag. While the various folding bikes on the market may look similar at first glance they are actually quite different. For example, some feature a lightweight frame while others excel at folding up in just seconds. There are more performance-oriented folding bikes as well as commuter bikes designed with comfort and style in mind. When you’re searching for a folding bike consider its folding speed (some fold in 20 seconds or less) and its overall compactness. If you plan on traveling a lot with the bike or taking it on public transportation you’ll want one that folds up nicely and is easy to transport. The bike’s ride, stability, and weight are other crucial factors. Shopping on a tighter budget? Take a look at the top best affordable folding bikes.

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