Foldable Bikes Mania

Foldable Bikes Mania

There has been huge social movement towards foldable bikes. Dahon, Brompton, and Kent are the top manufacturer of these specially made bikes. They have so many different styles and performance structures. Many people own a bike because of the portability of them. They can be used anywhere and can be transported very easily.

Regular bikes are not allowed in taxis, buses, or trains. You cannot carry regular bike in your office, apartment and other small place. Foldable bikes however are allowed because they are a carry on item. This gives the rider the ability to choose the place where he would like to ride and simply jump on a bus or taxi and get there. A person who owns one of these bikes has the ability to explore more of their surroundings not only near their home but anywhere they choose.

There have even been official foldable bike races in some cities with a huge following of enthusiasts. People are truly beginning to see the benefits of what these bikes can offer. There are many different styles of bike including half or mid fold, Triangle hinge, and break away among others.

Many of the uses for these bikes are very helpful. They work great for hikers that want to ride and walk trails. When they are not riding they can just fold their bike up and throw them back. Other people use these for commuting. They save on gas – money getting to work every day by riding their foldable bike. While at work their bike can sit neatly beside or under their desk. For people who live to far from their work they can simply jump on a taxi, bus, or train to a place where they are closer and simply jump off and start riding.

If a person is looking for more of a long distance performance bike there are many out there. They are specifically designed to conform to the rider’s ergonomically correct posture; thus making a comfortable less stressing long distance ride.

The amount of high quality bikes available is astonishing. There has been much research and development done. They are made with great craftsmanship and there are many changes that have been made in the past 25 years in regards to technological advancement. These bikes have been worked on, made, and used since WWII. This is over 65 years of advancement and research that has made the foldable bike a great piece of recreation equipment. People can really take advantage of bike that is very versatile.