Foldable Bikes for Women

Foldable bikes are so convenient, but truth be told, not all foldable bikes are truly easy & best for women. It also seems that the more suited for a woman a foldabe bike is, the less options one will get – which makes it challenging for ladies to pick up the RIGHT option for foldable bike. Best advice is to start by making a list of foldable bikes features that you really want & need.

For scooting around the town, traveling on vacation or for the camping, or easily & cheaply getting around the college campus, you simply can not beat the convenience, portability & fun of a foldable bike. You need to just fold it up, put in the trunk & you will have a bike everywhere & anywhere you go. It is super easy to keep in the dorm/apartment too.

If price as well as weight are your 2 top priorities while shopping for a foldable bike, be aware that you need to give up some other options to get that lightweight & easily portable inexpensive foldable bike.

Needless to say but yes, girls need a few different features in foldable bikes than men do. First off, women should make sure that the foldable bike is made up from aluminum so it would be really lightweight & easy to carry.

The best size of foldable bike for ladies is a 20″ bike so you can ride comfortably. It should folds up & un-fold very easily. If it folds easily & lightweight too, you can truly enjoy all the benefits of foldable bikes on our own.