We Have the Complete Range of Foldable Bikes!

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Foldable bikes are one of the most popular bicycles genres in USA. It fits our lifestyle in the garden city (our small apartment and houses especially) and USA get to choose from a vast range of different-different variety and brands imported from worldwide. Do you know that “ifoldbikes.com” is one of the best bike online shops in USA that has a complete range of foldable bikes?


If you need a super-compact foldable bike, the banian is a great choice at 14″ wheel size. It features a vertical folding that has a folded size of almost a-third of the original unfolded bike. If you require the compactness together with some higher quality components, you could opt for the higher-end sibling, the banian Sport that comes with a bigger 56T chain-ring, lighter seatpost as well as stylish BIKE fun easy wheels.


The HITO X-5 foldable bikes have to be one of the lightest aluminum foldable bike that can be found in the online market. These bikes are budget-friendly too.

The INFAR A-8 is a great choice for someone who is looking to get a foldable bike that can complement their style and personality. Made out of forged aluminum, the A-8 has no welding joints and has car-like finishing that is sure to mesmerize the on-looker that passes you by on the streets.

If ultimate comfort is your game, then the Altruism k1 would be your dream comes true with a high-modulus full-aluminum body endowed with that stealth and sexy look.


Not everyone likes bicycles that have wheel-size smaller than 26 inches in diameter. Fear not, as even foldable bikes can be full-size too!

Enter the legendary Montague foldable bikes that sport the road bike range (such as the Navigator) as well as the mountain bike range (such as the Altruism X-9). No matter if you like to ride on the road, pavements or on trails, Montague has got your back.

Although they cannot be brought onto the buses and trains due to size constraint (exceeded by just a few centimeters!), they can still be folded into the boot of the car or taxi, in the event that you feel lethargic to cycle all the way home, or because the weather turned bad. Convenience is paramount!


If you are thinking of trying out foldable bikes? We have the most complete range of foldable bikes and we promise not to bite!

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